Who is Nguyen Cao Bao Uyen? Brown-haired illustrator’s career

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Make an impression on the public through the program Vietnamese Voice 2015, Bao Uyen quickly released many music products marking her singing career. Although she has been active in music for many years, she still has not escaped the image of a “copy” of Singer My Tam. So Who is Nguyen Cao Bao Uyen? Let’s cungdaythang.com Find out how this 16-year-old young female singer, who was named like Brown-haired Painter, has a career!

Who is Nguyen Cao Bao Uyen?

Real name: Nguyen Cao Bao Uyen
Nickname: Replica of brown-haired mystic
Born in: May 16, 1999
Year old: 22 (as of 2021)
Home town: Lam Dong Province
Job: Singer
Famous through: Vietnamese vocal program in 2015
Facebook: Nguyen Cao Bao Uyen(Black Cat)

Coming out of the competition Vietnamese Voice 2015Nguyen Cao Bao Uyen quickly became a nóng name that was sought after by the media.

Although there is no one in the family who pursues art. However, her father was the one who instilled the love of music for Bao Uyen. Perhaps because she was born in a temperate climate, Bao Uyen looks full of the beauty of Da Lat people.

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Every time the school organizes art activities, her face is indispensable. In addition, Nguyen Cao Bao Uyen often participates in local performances.

The turning point in Nguyen Cao Bao Uyen’s career

The age of 16 marked a big turning point in Nguyen Cao Bao Uyen’s singing career. This is the year that marks the first toddler steps on the road to becoming a professional singer.

Bao Uyen surprised both the judges and the audience when showing off her clear, high-pitched voice at the show’s hidden round. Vietnamese voice 2015. Immediately, all 4 coaches pressed the button to turn the chair back to bring her back to their team. Loving singer My Tam since childhood, Bao Uyen did not hesitate to choose to join the My Tam coach team.


For the first time standing in front of the television stage, Bao Uyen has made an impression in the hearts of listeners by her beautiful appearance, high-pitched voice not inferior to the singer.

Bao Uyen became the youngest contestant in the My Tam team. Perhaps because of his young age, his singing performance skills are still immature and not professional. Although she tried her best to overcome the other members to reach the semi-finals. Unfortunately, Bao Uyen had to stop at the Top 2 of My Tam team.

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The love and passion for music is still smoldering in Nguyen Cao Bao Uyen’s body. Therefore, this 16-year-old girl is determined to follow her teacher to fulfill her dream of becoming a singer.

Musical product of Nguyen Cao Bao Uyen

Possessing a pretty face, a clear, high-pitched voice. There were a few times when the media favored Bao Uyen as a “copy” of singer My Tam with brown hair. Because when Bao Uyen wore a long dress, it was quite similar to the image of My Tam at the age of 16.


Step out of the program Vietnamese Voice. The young female singer has begun to release her first musical products to the audience. These songs have been praised by colleagues and supported by the audience. Like a song Marshal, Leave it to me, Tet is far away. In it the song handsome became a hit with millions of views.

Nguyen Cao Bao Uyen suddenly returned to the music track

Toddled into the art village at the age of 16. Famous for the program and hard work in launching personal products. However, because of the busy study schedule as well as the desire to hone my singing skills. Bao Uyen suddenly disappeared from the music market, making the audience regret it.

At the end of 2019, Bao Uyen surprised the audience when he released the MV Clouds of the sky to be carried away by the wind on Youtube. This song marked Bao Uyen’s return on the Vpop track.

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This song is a work composed by young musician Nguyen Cong Thanh. The song has a sweet, gentle melody with poetic lyrics.


2020 is the year Bao Uyen works hard to release many new songs. Especially in which the song Because of you is a product she collaborated with MastaL. This is a pop song with a cheerful and youthful melody. The lyrics are also her similar feelings when she was in 12th grade.

When releasing MV Because of youBao Uyen has financial difficulties. She sings and teaches at the same time to earn enough money to make the MV filmed in Da Lat. Asked about her next plans, Bao Uyen shared that she will continue to compose and find funding for the MV.

Songs of Nguyen Cao Bao Uyen

  • Tet far away
  • If you love me then prove it
  • Because of you
  • Super hero handsome man
  • You are mine
  • Thu and I
  • Firefly Diary
  • I’m tired today

With the above information, you probably have a better understanding of Who is Nguyen Cao Bao Uyen? then? cungdaythang.com Hope that in the future, she will have more success in her singing career.

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