Who is Chu Diep Anh? Child actress as beautiful as an angel

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Chu Diep Anh once caused a fever in the trực tuyến community when covering Bao Anh’s hit songs from which the nickname Bao Anh’s child version appeared. Possessing a delicate beauty, a high nose bridge, she has been a photo model since the age of 3, and at the age of 5, has been a famous child actress in many films such as: Love the Sunny Day, Opposite of tears, Love you where do I touch.… To better understand the talented girl Who is Chu Diep Anh? Let’s cungdaythang.com Find out more below this article.

Who is Chu Diep Anh?

Chu Diep Anh is a model, child actor with a large number of fans. She is a child model with a doll-like face and is most interested in today. The girl has bright white skin and lovely big round eyes. And has a hobby of photography and fashion since the age of 4.

Brief biography, background about Chu Diep Anh

Real name: Chu Diep Anh
Date of birth: November 30, 2011
Home town: Hanoi, Vietnam
Job: Model, actress
Height: Updating
Weight: Updating
Facebook: Chu Diep Anh

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Chu Diep Anh was born in 2011, living in Hanoi. Born in a family where no one does art. But her love for stage and acting led her to the profession. At the age of 4, Chu Diep Anh was a child model. By the age of 6, she caused a fever on social networks by covering songs of Told him, Hari WonHuong Tram.

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Chu Diep Anh looks as beautiful as “billion billion fairy”

Little girl Chu Diep Anh is currently the most interested child actress and model on the small screen recently. Possessing a beautiful fairy-like beauty, big round eyes like angels, and bright white skin, Diep Anh has been charmed with the work of a child model since the age of 4.


She is the outstanding face of big fashion shows, making her seniors, seniors, and people in the art world all recognize her natural talent.

Although Chu Diep Anh has never attended any child model training school, but when he is photographed, he poses naturally and boldly in front of the camera”, surprising many people. Her mother shared the time when Diep Anh was charming with the modeling profession. She is also known as “The future Miss Star”.

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After that, her family let her try her hand at acting and began to achieve unexpected successes. Although only 10 years old, this girl has pocketed more than 10 big and small movies.

Chu Diep Anh’s impressive acting talent

Although only 10 years old, Chu Diep Anh has had the opportunity to act in 10 different big and small films. This is an extremely impressive number that few child stars can do. Especially participating in popular movies recently is Sunflower Against the Sun and Opposite of Tears leave a lasting impression on the audience.

Besides, she also participated in many movies such as Grandfather Age 30, Uncle Don’t Marry My Mother,... In each role, Diep Anh always leaves a deep impression in the hearts of viewers.


And not to mention Diep Anh participated in the movie “Inverse of tears”. Taking on the role of Baby May, she plays the grandson of the character played by People’s Artist Lan Huong. The truth is, actress Ha Noi Baby loves Chu Diep Anh very much and often calls her daughter her granddaughter. As it turned out, a lot of viewers mistakenly thought there was a blood relationship between them. She also took on the main role in the movie “Where do I touch you when I love you”.

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However, Diep Anh’s mother still worries about her son’s art work. The income that Diep Anh has, Nhung’s mother saves, so that she can use this money later to study abroad and do the things she likes. Nhung has no direction for her child, but for her to grow up, she will decide to follow her own good qualities and passions.


Some movies with the participation of Chu Diep Anh

  • Opposite of tears
  • I love you where do you touch
  • Sunflower Against the Sun
  • My grandpa is 30 years old
  • Uncle Don’t Marry My Mother


Beautiful pictures of Chu Diep Anh







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