Những bài thơ chúc Tết hay ý nghĩa cho ông bà, bố mẹ, bạn bè

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Besides the New Year greetings and the early spring gift, the New Year poem is also a gift of extremely meaningful spiritual value. Give your loved ones impressive New Year poems to make the atmosphere at the beginning of the year even more joyful! The following article of cungdaythang.com will introduce you to a list of poems to wish Tet or meaningful New Year’s Eve.

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Why should you write a poem to wish Tet?

Spring is the first season of the year and the beginning of everything. Right at the moment of transition between the old year and the new year, people often wish and wish for good things in the hope of a healthier, more prosperous and more prosperous new year.

Therefore, everyone will wish each other all the best luck to together believe that a new year will be all right. The custom of wishing Tet New Year’s Day is first expressed through words: Happy New Year, Phat Fortune, Prosperity, Prosperity,.. Then people create with more unique forms such as: New Year poems, Sentences, Greeting Cards,..

Happy New Year Poems 2023Happy New Year Poems 2023

The meaning of wishing New Year’s Eve

The custom of wishing the New Year at the beginning of the year, whether with simple wishes or with verses, is imbued with the spirit of “drinking water, remembering the source” of the Vietnamese people. For those who work far away from home, all year long they have little opportunity to interact with relatives and neighbors, New Year greetings and New Year poems are a way for people to find their roots. Through that, the relationship is also improved, more connected with each other.

New Year’s greetings and customs

We Vietnamese prisoners have chosen the first two days of the new year to commemorate the birth and upbringing of our parents, paternal and maternal families. Not only small people congratulate the older ones, but grandparents or seniors in the family will also give wishes to their children and grandchildren as a message and trust. To sum up everything, every word spoken in the spring day wishing for good things and nurturing hope is a very good thing to do on the occasion of the opening of the year.

Very meaningful Tet greeting poem

New Year is the time when people give each other dear and meaningful greetings. In addition to the usual and familiar New Year greetings, you can also use poems to wish Tet, and New Year wishes to help the atmosphere to welcome spring more exciting. Below, cungdaythang.com FOOD will introduce you to very good and meaningful New Year poems for you to send to your brothers, friends and relatives.

Happy New Year poem number 1

  • Year of the Rabbit is coming
  • Everyone is rich
  • Health does not worry
  • Frustration stacked up
  • Small problems
  • Running risky
  • No more frowning
  • What do you want!

Happy New Year poem number 2

  • The place where I live must be happy now
  • Write a few lines of love to people
  • Wishing you a warm and cozy Spring
  • Happy New Year peace and harmony
  • Holding hands and walking in the middle of love
  • Working together to overcome life’s obstacles
  • People rejoice in the three days of festivities
  • Welcoming the union members full of laughter!

Happy New Year poem number 3

  • Wishing you a prosperous new year
  • Money full of warehouse suddenly rich
  • Smiles, eyes give
  • Sweet and sweet love
  • Wishing you good health and a straight forward path
  • The sadness we send away
  • Young energetic, old man smiles
  • Stretch your shoulders and get up, Happy New Year

Happy New Year poem number 4

  • Spring comes Yellow plum blossoms everywhere
  • Wish you all keep smiling
  • Happy Tet to meet new joy
  • Prosperity An Khang everyone
  • Phuc Loc Tan Nien happiness
  • Chan belongs to friends
  • Excited to celebrate the coming of Spring
  • Smiling Blooming Wonderful Spring.

Happy New Year poem number 5

  • Welcome to the prosperity of our whole country
  • Wishing you young and old friends
  • Family harmony, happiness, health
  • Poetry page welcomes you jubilantly
  • This spring is better than previous springs
  • Happiness, fortune, follow to the house
  • Happiness, peace, contentment life
  • Money, gold, rice are imported into the warehouse.

Funny and interesting New Year poems

Funny, joyful and meaningful New Year verses will help bring joy and laughter to everyone on the occasion of the new year. Below, cungdaythang.com has compiled funny verses to wish the Lunar New Year 2023, or invite you to refer to it to send to relatives and friends.

Funny New Year poem number 1

  • Chieng village chieng commune
  • Upper and Lower East West
  • Far near here
  • Stick your earphones up
  • Prosperous New Year
  • Many blessings, many graces
  • Lots of money in the pocket
  • Happy soul

Funny New Year poem number 2

  • Happy new year, prosperity and fortune
  • Money is rushing in, money is coming out slowly
  • Surplus health, career next attack
  • Love, breezy, uplifting happiness
  • Wishing everyone a GREAT year

Funny New Year poem number 3

  • I also wish you all
  • Men dangling two intact stones
  • Women are more beautiful, more charming
  • Little children have money to play!

Funny New Year poem number 4

  • Happy 2023
  • Fortune found fortune
  • Money is in flux
  • Money comes out slowly
  • Health has surplus
  • The next attack
  • Love is exposed
  • Sublimation happiness
  • Best wishes to everyone
  • A great year.

Funny New Year poem number 5

  • 2023 wishes you:
  • There are many people who notice
  • Confess a lot of love
  • Heavy money
  • Good job
  • Smiley mouth lol
  • Live a little longer.

Happy New Year poems to grandparents

Besides delicious food and lucky money envelopes, Tet wishes are also very important. And surely that wish will be more special and meaningful if it is conveyed through poems and verses to wish Tet in the voice of children in the family. That’s why, in this article, let’s learn some poems to wish New Year’s greetings to grandparents that are simple, easy to memorize, but extremely meaningful!

Poems wishing spring to grandparents number 1

  • The flowers at the house are in full bloom,
  • Report that Tet has come
  • Bring lots of thoughts.
  • Grandparents are old
  • But still happy with life,
  • My heart is heavy with gratitude
  • The merit is as great as the sky.
  • Happy New Year,
  • Happiness is always shining
  • I pray for life
  • Care forever.

New Year’s Eve Poem No. 2

  • I am happy to see you
  • New year getting older but love life
  • Wishing you happiness
  • Live forever with children and grandchildren.

Poems wishing spring to grandparents number 3

  • Last year
  • New Year
  • I’m coming today
  • Best regards
  • Long live health
  • Forever Young never old
  • Peaceful love
  • The door of the house is affluent
  • Happiness and well-being

Meaningful New Year wishes to parents

Here is a summary of some meaningful New Year poems for parents, please refer to:

New Year’s greeting poem number 1

  • Happy New Year
  • Mom and Dad are always happy
  • Enduring health
  • Full name
  • Money in billions
  • Money leaking out
  • Like coffee drops.

New Year’s greeting poem number 2

  • Pray for favorable rain and wind
  • Wishing parents well every day
  • Worry and troubles fly away
  • At the beginning of spring, I wish you a happy mother!

New Year’s greeting poem number 3

  • The father as a mountain
  • Mother’s meaning is like water from a source
  • This New Year, I bow to my parents
  • A year of health, harmony and warmth.

Poems to wish teachers Tet

Our fathers have a saying “The 1st of the Father’s Day, the 2 of the Mother’s Day, the 3rd of the Teacher’s New Year” 🌸 The 3rd of Tet has come, cungdaythang.com FOOD would like to send the best wishes to the teachers and teachers on the occasion of the New Year. 2023.

New Year’s poem for teachers number 1

  • An Binh – Like it – New Year
  • Loc Khang Trang – Clean – Phuc is full of house.
  • Prosperity – Prosperity – God of Wealth comes,
  • Regal – Harmony – Life without reincarnation

New Year’s poem for teachers number 2

  • Spring is coming, 2023
  • Peace, walking with the teacher
  • Family, happy reunion
  • Peace, prosperity, every day is always spring
  • Honor keeps the regular
  • Love above, love below, hold the reins firmly
  • Victory, glorious achievements
  • Always have good intentions, honor the teacher.

New Year poem for teachers number 3

  • Tet has come and happy new spring
  • Wishing teachers a burden of joy
  • Peaceful, prosperous and prosperous family
  • Prosperity is full of house, happiness is in hand
  • Happy new year this spring
  • Everything is as it is, billions of success.

Poems to wish New Year friends

In addition to wishes, you can also read each other funny New Year poems 2023. Or send these beautiful New Year poems to friends via Facebook, Zalo … to bring laughter to your loved ones.

New Year’s greeting poem number 1

  • Happy New Year!
  • Stronger than Ly Duc.
  • Stronger than George W. Bush.
  • Richer than Bill Gates.
  • More charming than Don Juan.
  • More secret… Bin Laden.
  • Luckier than Red Hair Spring.

New Year’s greetings poem number 2

  • Wishing all comrades:
  • Regardless of failure or success,
  • whether fluffy or working,
  • whether at a party or at home,
  • whether young or old,
  • whether pregnant or unmarried,
  • whether it’s a dragon or a shrimp,
  • whether drinking beer or iced tea,
  • whether smoker… cigarette or not,
  • whether good or bad,
  • whether swimming or karate,
  • whether by car or on foot…
  • Happy Happy New Year!!!

New Year’s greetings poem number 3

  • Wish you always happy
  • Enduring health
  • Full name
  • Money in billions
  • Money leaking out
  • Satisfied love
  • Everything is as it is
  • Always smiling
  • Rejoice

Poems to wish the lover Tet

The verses to wish New Year to your lover, happy new year to your lover, funny, good and meaningful below are spiritual gifts that bring laughter and happiness to your loving half on the first day of the year. new.

New Year’s poem to the number 1 lover

  • Happy New Year
  • Happy New Year
  • Happy New Year
  • New year keep love
  • Happy New Year
  • Happy lover, beautiful all day
  • Sending spring brings joy
  • Everything is as it is, full of love.

New Year’s poem to the lover number 2

  • Spring green, fortune bud has arrived
  • Happy new year with a lot of fun
  • Wishing you Tet to come spring
  • Full of love, full of love together
  • Money spent abundantly, hand in hand
  • Luck is full of success
  • Happiness for the loved ones
  • Congratulations new baby
  • I would like to send you my love this spring.

New Year’s poem to the lover number 3

  • The promised spring has arrived
  • Please keep your vow of love forever.
  • Pray for the new spring we return to a place
  • I hold your hand on Valentine’s Day
  • More promises, more laughter
  • More for full happiness
  • Pray for a perfect new year
  • Join hands to build love for a lifetime.

New Year greeting poem for FA hội

If you don’t have a lover, don’t worry too much. Let’s see the super quality New Year 2023 poems right below:

Happy New Year poem number 1 FA

  • Wishing you this Tet is not like the old one
  • Driving a two-wheeler without excess rear saddle.

New Year’s greeting poem number 2

  • This New Year is not like the old New Year
  • No more hugging pillows because I’m looking for a boyfriend
  • Found in the Gypsy
  • One person is also lonely to match.

Happy New Year poem number 3

  • Wishing you FA
  • This Tet is over T.E.T for real
  • In and out, someone will pick you up
  • Love laughing and talking really loud.

Happy New Year poems for children

Not only help children understand about the traditional New Year, create excitement for children, but these 10 good and easy-to-remember New Year poems also help children send grandparents the best and most meaningful Tet wishes, helping grandparents Celebrate Tet meaningfully, joyfully and happily.

Happy New Year poem easy to memorize for children number 1

  • “Happy new year baby
  • The whole family is well off
  • All good things
  • Blessings overflowing
  • Good luck every day
  • Baby smiling brightly
  • Best wishes to everyone
  • Spring happiness
  • Like a small family.
  • Respectfully wish! Respectfully wish!”

Happy New Year poem easy to memorize for children number 2

  • There’s nothing better than a new year
  • Spring is coming, so excited
  • Grass and flowers are like pictures
  • Young shoots, green buds
  • The shy rose branch has not yet bloomed
  • I don’t know when spring will come
  • Yellow chrysanthemums are like blazing
  • Reminds me of spring about pink, you know?
  • Baby loves that spring atmosphere
  • Warm, joyful, full of fortune
  • Love the bustling singing of the village
  • Happy to welcome spring back”

Happy New Year poem easy to memorize for children number 3

  • “Happy New Year”
  • Dad is always happy
  • Enduring health
  • Full name
  • Money in billions
  • Money leaking out
  • Like coffee drops.
  • Wish you a good bowl
  • Wishing you and your uncle a cup of peace
  • Wish you a plate of fortune”


Hopefully with the above article, the article summarizing the super impressive New Year poems on the occasion of Tet 2023 will help you find a poem you like for your loved ones! Wishing you a peaceful new year! (Source at: cungdaythang.com Food)!

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