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Có phải bạn đang tìm kiếm chủ đề về => Mùa xuân chín – Hàn Mặc Tử (Tóm tắt, hoàn cảnh st, nội dung, nghệ thuật, sơ đồ tư duy) – Văn 10 phải ko …

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Có phải bạn đang tìm kiếm chủ đề về => Mùa xuân chín – Hàn Mặc Tử (Tóm tắt, hoàn cảnh st, nội dung, nghệ thuật, sơ đồ tư duy) – Văn 10 phải ko Nếu đúng tương tự thì mời bạn xem nó ngay tại đây. Xem thêm các tài liệu về giáo dục, học tập khác tại đây => Kiến thức lớp 10

General Author – Works: Ripe Spring including Introduction of the author Han Mac Tu and the composing situation, genre, layout, summary, value of content, artistic features of the work of Spring Nine – Textbook of Literature 10 Connecting knowledge.

Author – Works: Ripe Spring – Han Mac Tu

I. Introduction of the author Han Mac Tu

Han Mac Tu (1912-1940) was born Nguyen Trong Tri, born in My Le village, Vo Xa canton, Phong Loc district, Dong Hoi province (now in Quang Binh province). Han Mac Tu came from a family of poor officials, his father died early, lived with his aunt in Quy Nhon since childhood and spent a time studying high school in Hue. At the end of his time in Hue, Han Mac Tu worked as a civil servant at the Binh Dinh Department of Justice and then went to Saigon to work as a journalist. In 1936, Han Mac Tu had to return to Quy Nhon for treatment, four years later he died of leprosy.

Han Mac Tu wrote poetry at a very early age (14, 15 years old) with many different pseudonyms such as Minh Due Thi, Phong Tran, Le Thanh… Initially, Han Mac Tu composed according to the classical poetry of Tang Luat, then moved to the morning. romantically inclined. Han Mac Tu’s life was short and suffered a lot of pain, but with his creative ability and extraordinary energy, he left behind many works of high artistic value. Through the extremely complex and mysterious appearance of Han Mac Tu’s poetry, one can still clearly see a painful love towards earthly life.

The main works of Han Mac Tu: Country Girl (1936), Tho Dien (1938), Xuan Nhu Y, Thuong Thanh Thanh, Cam Chau Duyen, Duyen Ky Ngou (poetry drama —1939), Quan Tien Hoi (poetry drama —) 1940), Play in the middle of the moon (prose poetry —1940). In addition to the work of Country Girl, which was printed when the author was still alive, all the remaining works were printed in volumes when Han Mac Tu died.

II. Synopsis of the work of Spring Ripe

1. Composing Circumstances

mua xuan chin han mac tu tom tat hoan canh st noi dung nghe thuat so do tu duy 1

The ripe spring is a poem composed by Han Mac Tu, classified in the Fragrance section of the collection of Painful poems. Along with Here Vi Da village, Love of the countryside, … these are poetic poems written about the countryside, the love of the countryside of Han Mac Tu.

It is not clear when composing Spring Nine, but according to Tran Thanh Mai: “Through the first sick year, that is, at the end of 1937, Han Mac Tu finished collecting a collection of poems written on his hospital bed, according to a new talent. which he called Poetry Crazy, which means that the poem was composed before that time

2. Layout

The layout consists of 4 parts:

Verse 1: Feelings before the spring of nature, heaven and earth.

Verse 2 + 3: Feelings about the country’s spring.

Verse 4 + 5: The author’s thoughts and wishes before the spring of the country.

Last stanza: Praising the homeland and the country through Hue folk songs.

3. Content Value

The beautiful spring scene in the eyes of a poet who loves life.

– Besides, there is the eager, restless mood of the soon-to-be-married girl and the wistful, nostalgic mood of the lyrical character when recalling the old scene.

Expressing love of life, love of people, love of the poet’s life, sending love and hope to a good life, spring has the “ripe” taste of people’s hearts.

4. Artistic value

– Simple language, simple, easy to understand.

– Close and familiar poetic images.

– Natural poetic voice, whispering, sentimental.

III. Sample essay analyzing the spring poem

Sample lesson number 1

Han Mac Tu is a poet who has had many good compositions written in the autumn, one of his outstanding works is the poem Spring Nine, which leaves the author with many emotions.

The ripe spring is a work about autumn with the ripeness of the crops, that image shows a special affection that the reader has towards, the author first used images to signal that Autumn has arrived, the images of the happy seasons, the rustling of the wind on the roof, and the celestial rigs signaling the arrival of autumn, these images give the reader an insight and insight. most impressive to the reader:

In the burning sun, the dream is gone

The thatched roofs are covered with gold

The rustle of the wind teases the blue shirt,

On the heavenly rig- welcome spring

The sun is gradually lightening because autumn is coming the image of the sun is no longer as nóng as the new summer, the roofs are already soaked with gold, here the golden image can be seen as the image of the cars. Falling yellow leaves, and the rustle of the wind on the roof, are creative images that give the reader an insight, that autumn is coming:

Fresh green grass ripple waves to heaven

Three village girls singing on the hill

Tomorrow in that green spring

Someone follows her husband and quits the game

The images of the blue sky are gradually recalling the beautiful images, it is gradually spreading and the bomb covers the entire space here, it shows the most special affection, with the images of the fields. singing and resounding and the green springs, here metaphorical to say that the girls are coming of age, about to leave their loved ones to get married, the image of the blue sky, with the girls singing in the hills, and that image represents the title, the spring is ripe, that image shows the blooming degrees, it is overflowing with so much vitality, all things are gradually multiplying and flourishing. :

Singing in the middle of the mountain

Panting like the words of cloud water

Whispering to someone sitting under the bamboo tree

It sounds sweet and innocent.

In the middle of the mountain, the voices of the village girls, singing, the song is clear, and it is squeezing in the space of the mountains and forests, the image of the songs, as if merging with the space of nature, which is the image of mountains and clouds, with many beautiful images and the most special colors for humans, that value leaves each of us with the freshest and most profound look. . The image of people halfway up the mountain, with the melodies of the echoes, whispering beside the bamboo groves, it evokes a sense of poetry and harmony with nature, that sentiment is expressing a vision. fresh, and full of meaning for the reader, that sentiment is tender and shows an overflowing nostalgia, it gives the reader a nostalgic and most meaningful emotion.

The image of village girls, mixed with the rhythm in the echoes of life, leaves the reader with a new look, about autumn, with its freshness and fullness in the natural setting. , that sentiment is especially deep, with how gentle and flexible the poetic ideas are:

Far away guests meet in the springtime

The scene is so sad that I miss the village

This year she still carries rice

Along the river, the sun is shining white.

And the image of the guest who is nostalgic for the scenery of spring, they are nostalgic for the beautiful scenery, that image makes their soul flutter with a deep nostalgia, special and infinite affection. The depth is gradually being expressed in the work, those images have brought a familiar feeling to the guest, the image of her this year carrying rice, and the sunny side of the river is still shining in her mind. that image has left people with many nostalgic emotions before the image of the poetic and beautiful natural scenery.

The poem has left the reader with the deepest emotions, which is the image of a blooming spring expressing a deep emotion that the author is aiming for, that image is gradually deepening. into the mind of the reader, that value has presented a fresh, and most valuable view. The image of spring integrates into the mood of the reader and the coming guests, it creates a strong emotion and is pushing them to feel nostalgic before the scenery of nature.

Sample lesson 2

Han Mac Tu is a poet with a very unique and unique poetic style. He left behind many famous poetry books such as Country Girl, Crazy Poetry or Playing in the Midst of the Moon. The poem “Spring is ripe” is a typical poem, contributing to the poet’s name.

The title of the poem is impressively titled “Ripe Spring”, we sound like there is a softness, a faint scent of a vibrant but equally loving spring, the meaning is piled up with deep layers of meaning that make us curious. discover, urge us to delve into the content of the work to discover how the “ripe” of spring is in Han Mac Tu’s poetry.

“In the burning sun, the dream is gone
two thatched cottages with scattered yellow
The rustle of the wind teases the blue shirt
On the celestial rig, the spring’s shadow comes”

The picture of spring in the countryside is peaceful, charming and loving. In the light sunshine of the sky, the smoke seems to disappear, creating a dreamlike beauty, not too detailed, only a few touches but making us flutter before the peaceful sky right now. . On the thatched roofs of the poor countryside, dotted with the color of heavenly flowers, the gentle breeze sways the green leaves, creating a strange sound “rustling”, all too gentle but dear. Spring is creeping into the landscape, on the rig of heaven, spring is coming, spring is coming, plants, nature, heaven and earth, and people’s hearts seem to blend together:

“Fresh green grass ripple waves to heaven
How village women singing on the hill”

Everything brings spring energy, the spring rain adds fresh green vitality to the plants and trees, “rippling to the sky” as if playing with the sun, with the wind and the clouds. The singing to welcome the spring of many rural girls is full of love, the coming spring makes everyone happy, excited, full of youth and love of life. The melody of the music plays with the lyrics:

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“Tomorrow in those green springs
Someone follows her husband and quits the game.”

The joy of spring mixed with the joy of the happiness of the couple, so tomorrow among those village girls, someone will get married and leave behind the fun, there is a bit of regret mixed in that joy. Spring adorns life, produces sweet fruit for love, a season of overflowing happiness.

“Singing in the middle of the mountain
Panting like the words of cloud water
Whisper to someone sitting under the bamboo
It sounds sweet and innocent…”

The love of life paints in the innocent, pure, playful “singing voice” on the back of the mountain, blending in with the scenery, the sound echoes forever. The sounds seem to be moving according to the rhythm of time, “gasping” “whispering” to each other, full of meaning and affection. The sound of the poem makes people feel awkward, strangely agitated.

“Distant guests meet in the springtime
The heart is sad and misses the village
This year she still carries rice
Along the banks of the white river, the sun is shining.”

If in the first stanza is the image of fresh green grass, then this is the opposite image when spring is ripe, spring is no longer as poetic as when it just came, it has the color of regretful regret, the color of sunshine. rural wind: “Along the white river, it’s always sunny”. The m “ang” at the end of the poem makes the verse bring an immense and indescribable mood, like the heart of a person who is wondering and lamenting about the status of a girl:

“She is still carrying rice this year
Along the banks of the white river, the sun is shining.”

If in the past when she was in her youth, the rhythm of spring came along with the hearts of many girls humming the song, singing greetings, now when the spring is ripe, leaving the green spring, “she” now becomes a woman. woman with many worries. The life and work responsibilities of the mother and wife are heavier, but despite the hardships, the beauty still shines brightly.

The poem is so gentle, the language is simple, but the poet selects it very delicately. Each syllable uttered is a sky of love that carries both sympathy and immense nostalgia for the hard and arduous homeland. With the crystallized language and the kind heart of the poet, Han Mac Tu wrote a full, full, and earnest “ripe spring”.

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