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Kms-R@1N Là Gì – Kmspico Là Gì, Dùng Kmspico Có An Toàn Và Cách Sử

1n activator. It”s chewing up most of my CPU with the Windows Software Protection Program going at it trying to remove it? I went about deleting some of reg entries I could find with KMS-R1n in them manually. I also deleted some files. Still, it, or perhaps something else is causing the Windows Software Protection to use a ton of CPU. I”ve included logs below. I greatly, greatly, appreciate any help provided on this issue.Bạn đang xem: Kms-r
1n là gì


I also ran some of the fixes posted in other threads for people with similar issues but it appears like it didn”t work properly. i”m including a log for that too.

Đang xem: Kms-r@1n là gì


Please help me.

Addition.txt FRST.txt AdwCleaner.txt current malwarebyte2.txt

Kms-R@1N Là Gì - Kmspico Là Gì, Dùng Kmspico Có An Toàn Và Cách Sử 2

My name is Maurice. I will be helping and guiding you, going forward on this case.Let me know what first name you prefer to go by.

Please follow my directions as we go along. Please do not do any changes on your own without first checking with me. If you will be away for more than 3 consecutive days, do try to let me know ahead of time, as much as possible. 

Please know that I cannot help you circumvent any software licensing.


I notice by the scan report from Malwarebytes for Windows that not all items were check-marked ( ticked) by yoy so that they can be removed.

Lets do a brand new scan. One of the major goals here is to have it remove all that it detects. If it finds anything that is.

Start Malwarebytes from the Windows Start menu.

Click Settings ( gear icon) at the top right of Malwarebytes window. We want to see the SETTINGS window.

Then click the Security tab. Look for the section “Automatic Quarantine”. Be sure it is clicked On ( to the far right side)


You can make the change by clicking on the down-arrow selection list-control. We want all P U P & P U M to be marked for removal.

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Next, click the small x on the Settings line to go to the main Malwarebytes Window.

Next click the blue button marked Scan.

When the scan phase is done, be real sure you Review and have all detected lines items check-marked on each line on the left. That too is very critical.

You can actualy click the topmost left check-box on the very top line to get ALL lines ticked ( all selected).


Then click on Quarantine selected.

Then, locate the Scan run report; export out a copy; & then attach in with your reply.



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The Microsoft Safety Scanner is a free Microsoft stand-alone virus scanner that can be used to scan for & remove malware or potentially unwanted software from a system.

The download links & the how-to-run-the tool are at this link at Microsoft



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