Điểm danh 8 homestay “nóng” nhất tại khu vực Vĩnh Long, Cái Bè

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Been to Vinh Longvisit this rich land, then you will not have to worry about short-term accommodation problems anymore because homestay.review will introduce to you. The 8 most popular Vinh Long homestays are right here.

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Is a person travel enthusiast, It will be a pity if you have never stepped foot in the beautiful land Vinh Long, a province located in the middle of the Mekong Delta. This place is not only diverse and rich by the coverage of two large rivers, Tien Giang and Hau Giang, but also a peaceful, peaceful and pleasant land from space to people here. Come to Vinh Longyou will discover the rustic, simple but delicate, unique features of the landscape here.

1, Bay Trung Homestay Vinh Long

Address: 116/8 An Thanh, An Binh, Vinh Long

Gate to Seven Trung Homestay

If you are an experience enthusiast, you won't want to miss it Seven Trung Homestay where!

In Homestay, You are not only comfortable with the design style of many gardens, very cool, but also learn and cook the typical dishes here.

visitors at Bay Trung Homestay
Foreign tourists cook with the host

Besides, The host family is very hospitable and friendlyYou will feel like a member of the family. Although there are some "small" inconveniences such as the shared bathroom, the bedroom is a bit crowded with mosquitoes (you should pay attention to the net when you go to sleep, to ensure health safety), the bedroom has no window, so it is a bit mysterious. But because the host is very welcoming and sociable, I am completely happy and forget about the disadvantages of Homestay.

Tourists Bay Trung Homestay
A bedroom at Bay Trung Homestay
The host introduces foreign tourists to local cuisine
Toilet Bay Trung Homestay
Toilet area at homestay

Price: From 300k - 500k VND

Room types: Room with 3 single beds, Room with 1 large double bed.

Rating: 8/10

2, Ngoc Phuong Homestay

Address: 118C/10 Binh Luong, An Binh, Vinh Long

Visitors at Ngoc Phuong Homestay
Visitors at Ngoc Phuong Homestay

Located in the city Vinh LongNgoc Phuong homestay extremely convenient for traveling, eating when only 100m from Minh Thuy market. Try to imagine a morning you wake up here, walk together to the market for breakfast, try to experience the daily dishes of the local people, partly discover the unique features of the cuisine here, it would be great.

Garden at Ngoc Phuong Homestay
The garden at Ngoc Phuong Homestay
Visitors at Ngoc Phuong Homestay
Commemorative photos of foreign guests at the homestay

One more advantage in Ngoc Phuong homestayit's a không lấy phí bicycle rental service from homestay. Besides, Homestay There is also a spacious and airy garden area. Visitors can completely relax and late afternoon after a day exploring the beauty in Vinh Long.

Bedroom at Ngoc Phuong Homestay

The bedroom is simple, but very clean and airy. However, in this area, there are a lot of mosquitoes, visitors still need to pay attention to bed nets.

Ngoc Phuong Homestay's kitchen
Foreign tourists cook at homestay

Moreover, the host is friendly, always trying to serve customers as best as possible. Sometimes there are some foreign guests who do not know about travel, the hostess always booked a car for guests to return to Saigon without collecting any additional fees. What a homestay It's worth going, isn't it?

view of Ngoc Phuong Homestay
River fishing

Price: From 350k - 500k/night

Room types: Room with 1 double bed, Room with 2 single beds, Room with 2 double beds, Room with 1 single bed and 2 double beds, Room with 2 double beds.

Rating: 8/10

3, Mekong riverside homestay

Address: An Binh, Vinh Long

View Mekong riverside homestay
View overlooking the river

Located in the city Vinh Long, Mekong riverside homestay has a very open view when overlooking the Mekong River. The rooms here are designed in the style of Bungalow, so when entering the room is very cool and comfortable. Moreover, the rooms are always guaranteed to be clean, welcoming visitors to this place.

View Mekong riverside homestay
Garden area

However, when coming to stay, there will be many "Western backpack" guests who are not polite, you should pay attention to avoid conflicts during the trip. Besides, there are also a lot of friendly foreigners coming to stay homestay.

Bedroom Mekong riverside homestay

Besides, Mekong riverside homestay There are also services such as bicycle rental, boating on the Mekong River.

Mekong riverside homestay bathhouse
view Mekong riverside homestay
View homestay overlooking the garden

Homestay is also a suitable place for coupleswe can completely welcome a little romance in the southern river region, ride bicycles together in the gentle afternoon sun without rushing, walk together in the garden with flowers and trees.

Kitchen Mekong riverside homestay
Kitchen Mekong riverside homestay

Price: From 350k - 600k/night

Room types: Room with 1 double bed, Duplex apartment for 4 people (2 large beds), bungalow with living room and 1 bedroom, Deluxe family room.

Rating: 9/10

4, Phuong Thao Homestay

Address: An Thanh, An Binh, Vinh Long

Garden Garden Phuong Thao Homestay
Garden area

Only 2km from An Binh ferry terminal, Phuong Thao homestay Designed simply but elegantly. The homestay space has a large garden, wherever you go, there is a hammock, a familiar but simple thing, attached to the people's life here.

Bedroom Phuong Thao Homestay

Not only quiet, pleasant, Phuong Thao homestay There is also a very sweet and hospitable host. Always create the best conditions for customers to stay here.

Phuong Thao Homestay's toilet
Common toilet area

However, the homestay does not have a separate toilet for each room, so for some visitors, this is a bit inconvenient.

Phuong Thao Homestay's garden
Garden area

In addition, you can use the không lấy phí bicycle rental service to explore the land Vinh Long this rustic.

Visitors Phuong Thao Homestay
Foreign tourists have lunch at homestay

Price: 350k - 800k/night

Room types: Room with 1 double bed, room with 3 single beds, dormitory room with 4 single beds, family room with 1 double bed and 3 single beds.

Rating: 8/10

5, Mekong Rustic Cai Be

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Address: Tan Thien, Tan Phong, Cai Be, Vinh Long

Gateway to Mekong Rustic Cai Be
Gateway to Mekong Rustic Cai Be

Only way Cai Be floating market 300m, Mekong Rustic Homestay is really an ideal choice for you. Not only convenient in discovering the unique features at the floating market, homestay also brings a fresh and spacious space when mainly the bungalow and garden rooms are very cool and clean.

Bedroom Mekong Rustic Cai Be
View homestay overlooking the garden

In addition, visitors here can experience many services such as bicycle rental, fishing, cooking courses of local dishes, etc.

Mekong Rustic Cai Be garden
Garden area

More, The host is also very friendly, welcoming, dedicated to helping all tourists when coming to the homestay.

Mekong Rustic Cai Be . tourist
The host family is very sociable and friendly
Mekong Rustic Cai Be . bathhouse

Private bathrooms are only available in some rooms, while cheaper rooms have to use shared toilets and bathrooms.

Mekong Rustic Cai Be Bedroom
Bedroom Mekong Rustic Cai Be

Price: 300k - 800k/night

Room types: Room with 1 double bed, room with 2 single beds, room with 1 double bed and 1 single bed.

Rating: 8.5/10

6, Gite Nam Hien Mekong

Address: 558/10 Binh An, Cho Lach, Vietnam

Garden Gite Nam Hien Mekong homestay Vinh Long
Garden area

Gite Nam Hien Mekongalso known by the dear name “Nam Hien Garden House” Is one homestay quite new with many convenient services such as không lấy phí swimming pool, large garden with many kinds of trees. Of course, the price will be a bit "different" than many other homestays around the area. However, if you believe in comfort, then come here and experience.

Gite Nam Hien Mekong Garden homestay
Green garden
Gite Nam Hien Mekong bedroom homestay
Gite Nam Hien Mekong bath house homestay
kitchen Gite Nam Hien Mekong homestay
Guests cook with the owner

In addition, the host is very friendly, sociable with all guests who come here. In general, the homestay is quite perfect in all aspects, there is no point to "criticize".

Price: 1000k - 1500k/night

Room types: Room with 1 double bed, room with 2 single beds.

Rating: 9/10

6, Sau Thanh Homestay

Address: An Binh, Vinh Long

View of Sau Thanh Homestay
Gate to Sau Thanh homestay

Only way Vinh Long Museum 2.4 km, Sau Thanh homestay "sprung" up like a small fragrant flower. Here there is a garden, the rooms are decorated closed but still have windows, private toilets. Besides, Sau Thanh homestay also serves many services such as dining, bicycle rental and other interesting activities.

Sau Thanh Homestay's bedroom
Sau Thanh Homestay
Sau Thanh Homestay meal
Seafood is available at the homestay

Price: From 400k - 500k/night

Room types: Room with 1 double bed, dormitory room with 4 single beds.


7, Mekong Life Discovery Welcome – Plus Homestay

Address: Cai Be, Vietnam

Mekong Life Discovery Welcome - Plus Homestay
Foreign tourists have meals at homestay

Coming to Plus Homestay, you don't need to care about the facilities here, you will be immediately impressed with the host family. They are always friendly and open to all visitors when staying at the homestay, especially foreign tourists. Although he is not fluent in English, when communicating with customers, the owner always has a very lovely and simple smile. Therefore, there are quite a few tourists who are delighted by that attitude and decide to stay at Plus Homestay.

bedroom Mekong Life Discovery Welcome - Plus Homestay

However, there are some shortcomings here such as: The bedroom is not clean, The toilet is dirty, there is no toilet paper, making customers uncomfortable when staying here.

Mekong Life Discovery Welcome toilet - Plus Homestay
Mekong Life Discovery Welcome - Plus Homestay
A tourist staying at a homestay

Price: From 200k - 250k VND

Room types: Deluxe Double Room, Suite 2 Bedrooms.

Rating: 6/10

8, Jardin Du Mekong Homestay

Address: Cho Lach, Vietnam

Bedroom Jardin Du Mekong Homestay

Located on campus Lach marketway Vinh Long Museum 18 km, homestay Designed in the style of Bungalow, giving customers a cool and comfortable space, suitable for the Western river view.

Kitchen Jardin Du Mekong Homestay
The homestay's kitchen

In addition, the owner here is very friendly to all visitors when coming homestay. They always try to serve well, bring necessary services to customers.

Toilet Jardin Du Mekong Homestay

However, about the price homestay has a large "difference" compared to the homestay in other neighborhoods. But in return, every service here is better, the room is more beautiful and comfortable.

Garden Garden Jardin Du Mekong Homestay
Garden area

Price: 1600k - 2208k/night

Room types: Bungalow with 1 large double bed, Family Bungalow with 1 single bed and 1 large double bed.

Rating: 9/10

Just now evaluate 8 most popular homestays in Vinh Long and Cai Be areas. Hopefully this article will help you make better choices about short-term accommodation when traveling. Wish you have a very "satisfying" and fun trip with friends and relatives in this beautiful western land!

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