Cá mực hầm mật (Go Go Squid) – Phim ngôn tình Trung Quốc cực cuốn

Có phải bạn đang tìm kiếm chủ đề về => Cá mực hầm mật (Go Go Squid) – Phim ngôn tình Trung Quốc cực cuốn phải ko? Nếu đúng tương tự thì mời bạn xem …

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Có phải bạn đang tìm kiếm chủ đề về => Cá mực hầm mật (Go Go Squid) – Phim ngôn tình Trung Quốc cực cuốn phải ko? Nếu đúng tương tự thì mời bạn xem nó ngay tại đây. Xem thêm các tin tức tiêu khiển hay khác tại đây => Giải trí

In 2019, Chinese films emerged as a phenomenon, among them the super dễ thương love story “Squid stewed with honey”. The film is based on the plot of “Squid fish stewed with honey” written by Mo Bao Phi Bao, published in 2014. The film does not contain many thrilling details, but mainly revolves around the pure, gentle, and worthy love. love between the student and the old guy of the famous game group. Although following a common motif of Chinese romance movies, “Squid fish stewed with honey” is still very attractive and attracts viewers. Check out this review of Choose Brand for an overview of the movie.

Introducing the love story Squid fish stew with honey

  • Episodes: 44 episodes
  • Time: 45 minutes/episode
  • Director: Rank Huck Tinh
  • Cast: Duong Tu, Ly Hien, Ly Hong Ky, Ly Trach Phong, Ho Nhat Thien.
  • Nation: China
  • Category: Love language, youth, school garden, urban
  • Broadcasting: May 9, 2019

Synopsis of the movie Squid fish stewed with honey

Ca Muc Ham Mat

In the long-running series Cuttlefish stewed with honey, Dong Nien (Duong Tu) is an intelligent, well-educated, innocent and pure female student, she is also an IT genius and an trực tuyến singer who owns a huge number of Fans on the Internet. Social Network. Although her IQ is very high, her EQ is quite low, so we can see that Dong Nien’s appearance is a bit silly. During a night shift at a net shop, she happened to meet Han Thuong Ngon (Ly Hien) – Outside he is quite cold, always pursuing his dream of leading the team to win the championship for the country. .

Right from the first meeting, Dong Nien was attracted by Han Thuong Ngon’s handsome looks and dazzling charisma, our girl did not hesitate to approach and pursue him. As they both share the same ideals and dreams, they quickly become close and supportive of each other. With a dream and a burning desire with passion and enthusiasm of youth, they constantly strive, stand up from failure and finally reap the worthy results, their dream-like love is also beautiful. reap the sweet fruit.

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Analysis and evaluation of the movie Squid with honey stew

Highlights of the movie

  • It’s a sweet, pure, lovely love story

Squid fish stewed with honey is set in modern times, about young teenagers who wholeheartedly pursue their ideals of life. Along with that is the first love that is genuine, unpretentious and extremely close. It can be said that when you watch this movie, you may have tooth decay because of the sweetness that the male lead and female lead bring, it makes your heart flutter as if you want to fall in love. Although there were many misunderstandings but not too tragic, the director softened to the minimum so that the audience did not feel too uncomfortable.

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  • Young and promising actor

Duong Tu is highly appreciated by experts in terms of acting, because anyway, she entered her acting career at a very early age, so her skills are honed through each film. In addition, after the resounding success of Huong Mat Tuoi Khoi Suong, the name Duong Tu became known to more and more people. In the role of Dong Nien, thanks to her innocent facial expression and natural acting, she successfully expressed the character’s personality: Sincere, dễ thương, close, intelligent.

Ca Muc Ham Mat 3 Scaled

Ly Hien is also a famous Chinese star who has participated in many films such as: Forensic Medicine Tan Minh, Nam Phuong Huu Kieu Moc, Lady Dou Hoa, Ha Than … But his name really stands out. after the success of the movie Squid with honey stew. With a handsome and tall appearance, cold outside and warm inside, Ly Hien in the role of Han Thuong Ngon becomes the ideal boyfriend of female audiences.

Ca Muc Ham Mat 4

Not only the male lead, the female lead was noticed, the supporting cast including: Ho Nhat Thien, Du Thua n, Ly Minh Duc, etc. also became the topic of discussion of many people because they were all teenagers. handsome, active, sociable, fun. Their acting is also very good, each showing their own personality and story.

Ca Muc Ham Mat 5

  • New, separate storyline

Unlike Chinese romance movies that build the image of a rich, young, gallant male lead, Han Thuong Ngon here is an uncle who is nearly 30 years old, has a cold, rigid personality and does not know how to behave. expressed in love, he is also not a rich tycoon. But his charm here is his good looks and determination in work.

While our heroine is somewhat more prominent, because she is a very intelligent person, IQ is up to 140, she also saves a large amount of money in her acc. The female lead is the one who actively pursues the male lead, pursues the male god in her heart and is not afraid of difficulties and hardships to follow him, doing everything to touch the male lead’s feelings.

Ca Muc Ham Mat 6

The minus point of the movie

  • The filming technique is not really impressive
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Many people think that this movie is quite long because many slow-motion scenes around the male and female leads make them feel bored such as: the male lead looks at the female lead, when he takes off his shirt, when cleaning the house, etc. When it comes to the kiss scene, there are 3 camera angles: zooming in on the male lead’s face, zooming in on the female lead’s face, from left to right, from left to right, making the film longer and making viewers less inspired.

  • Sound is not well invested

The reason why viewers underestimate the sound and music is because the film does not have many songs. Especially the female lead as an trực tuyến singer, but only heard the song “cow’s bread love”, the rest of the songs were not really impressive. More specifically, there are some parts of the male and female lead singing vegetarian but not really good.

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Assessment scale

With pure and healthy content, Squid Fish Stewed Honey is a love story suitable for all ages

According to the evaluation of the Yien Broadcasting Index site, the movie Squid Fish Stewed Honey is the best Chinese TV series in 2019. If you like the genre of romance movies and romance novels, this is an ideal suggestion for you. should not be ignored.

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